Give the most unique gift of the holiday season... for only $5

Having trouble thinking of original Christmas present ideas? Or maybe you're looking to give your significant other something unique for New Years? This year, give the most memorable gift of the holiday season for only five dollars!

That can't be right, just $5? Yep, we're talking about Fiverr's unique gift ideas.

For instance, with over 700 happy buyers, this gig will send your Holiday greetings through 3 HD Underwater Photos Holding Your Custom Message.

If you are feeling lucky, over here, Fiverr will take you to a completely random gig.

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Show Your Support for Diabetes

I forgot that November is National Diabetes Month! -- Until I was reminded that I should show my support by wearing a free diabetes wrist band.

What you need to know

With type 1 diabetes, your body can't make insulin, so you need to take insulin every day. Type 1 diabetes is less common than type 2 diabetes; about 5% of the people who have diabetes have type 1. Currently, no one knows how to prevent type 1 diabetes.

More than 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, but 1 out of 4 don’t know they have it. Most people with diabetes—9 out of 10—have type 2 diabetes. With type 2 diabetes, your body doesn’t use insulin well and is unable to keep blood sugar at normal levels.

Learn more about diabetes at the U.S. government's National Diabetes Education Program.

And if you're interested in showing your support, make sure to wear a wristband.

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(our full money-making guide is available here, but go ahead and read this as well!)

To begin, here is a small payment proof:

This is nothing compared to the full potential of

 If you are new to you are going to want to head straight over to and claim your Free Affiliate Package. What does it look like on the inside?

They go ahead and give you all the tools you need to market their website! You will get affiliate links, banners, statistics, customization links, tracking, all the information about your affiliates, and more.

There are two ways to make money with the Affiliate program.

  1. Spread your ref link to people who don't know about the Program. These people that sign up under you will help you earn money. Each time they get someone to buy a product, you get commission. So, in a way, you don't have to actually sell anything. Just find people that are good at selling stuff. AKA popular YouTube users.
  2. Actually sell the products. If you have a YouTube channel that does Gaming or a account that is popular, just throw up your Affiliate link and anyone who visits it will get a tracking cookie. This cookie lasts until they clear their browser's cookies... This means that they don't have to buy anything right when they click the link. Whenever they buy anything after clicking your link, you will make money.
Let's go a bit more in depth. Here is a FULL GUIDE with step to step instructions. With about a weeks worth of work, we have had affiliates making $250 a week. I'm not going to lie, you will have to put some work into it initially, but after that, its smooth sailing. 

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How to Make Money with - Simple Guide

The first step is to sign up for free at:

What we will do? We are going to make some money with a new website you probably haven't heard of before. G2A

How are we doing it? Technically it is Affiliate marketing. Before you think 'oh no, not another affiliate
marketing eBook', I'll have to break your bubble. Most affiliate marketing eBooks don't tell you how to do it, they tell you to do it and think of the ways on your own.

Who are we targeting?

Gamers. PC gamers. Since we're targeting several millions of
people, this method can not get saturated, as we have an almost infinite crowd we can earn money from.

How are we doing it?

By using heavily gamer-populated sites so we get attention by many PC gamers.

Learning the basics

Basically, you want as many people clicking on your affiliate link.
According to the people clicking the link, I will divide the people
into 3 groups:
1) The Big Fish (TBF)
2) The Inner Cirlce (TIC)
3) The Small Fish (TSF)
We will be using the site is a website that sells cheaper video games, and offers many great deals, sometimes reducing the prices over 70%. Except that you can earn money from it, you can also get really cheap PC games. It's popular, but I'd say 95% of PC gamers still didn't hear about it, and still shop retail games on Steam, Origin, Battlenet and etc. The site is absolutely legit and is extremely high quality. I've been using it for over a year for my own purchases, and only recently decided to start earning money from it. Clicking on the affiliate link makes people save your affiliate in their Cookies. So if they click on it, and don't decide to buy a game straight away, but in 2-3 days, you'll still get the same profit as long as you're saved in their cookies.


Register on the website, and then go to the Goldmine:
The Goldmine is the affiliate program, and it'll be your home for some time.
When you make your first purchase on g2a (you can invest like $3 and make a purchase) you'll get some demo affiliates under your name, so you can check out how it all works.

The hierarchy

Not all people who you're targeting should be people who buy PC
games. According to that, I've made up 3 groups of people which
you can target, and each group is unique. The hierarchy system is
something that you always must have in mind. Not all of the
gamers who click on your link have to purchase something. You
can form your own affiliate team and make them spread your link
around the Internet, and you'll still be gaining money.
The hierarchy system is explained by this illustration on g2a:
You're on top, and your level 1 gamers make you 100% of the
income. Level 1 gamers refer level 2 gamers, from which you get
60% (and your level 1 gamer gets 100% from the earning). The
level 2 gamers refer level 3 gamers, from which you earn 40%
(your level 1 gamers earn 60%, and your level 2 gamers earn
100%). The more you earn, the bigger percentage you get from
every sale. You start with around 10% from each sale.

The Big Fish (TBF)
TBF are popular people in the world of gaming. They're streamers,
Youtubers, community managers, or any well-known person that
gamers know of. The income they can bring you is not direct, and
they're only used to attract more people from which you earn
your money, but they earn as well. Most streamers and Youtubers
are in the business for the money, so introducing them to a new
way of income with no effort at all can be pretty interesting for
I, personally, currently have 14 popular streamers under my
affiliate. Most of them don't know that they're under my affiliate,
and they're generating at least 50% of my total income. The
streamers are streaming on a site called
The streamers only have to share their link on their livestream and
try to promote it every hour or two, and you'll be getting money in
no time. I've got an extremely popular streamer under my link. He
gets around 10k people watching on average and he generates
around 2,000 clicks daily. Take into consideration that I've got 14
live streamers under my name, which makes me get at least
10,000 cookies daily. Most of them don't buy straight away, but at least 50% of them do buy at least 1 game.
Do the math yourself

Do you see the potential?
There are thousands of streamers, hundred thousands of people watching, and an infinite crowd where you can share your link.
Q: Why would it be interesting for them?
A: Why would I buy a game for $60 if I can buy it for $30?
Approaching streamers and how to catch their attention
Don't: spam their chat, spam their PMs, use accounts named like
'g2aAnakin' 'buysellkeys' etc.
Do: approach them like a regular viewer with a great idea of
earning extra income. PM them, act like you're watching them for

Example2: Another part of the TBF group are Youtubers. The only
difference between them and streamers is that they
can't advertise directly on Youtube, but they do have their
Facebook fan pages, Twitters and other means of social media
contacts. Approach is the same: PM them, talk to them, tell them
they can earn money from it.
Most of the Youtubers are more open minded to this idea than
streamers. Streamers are really hard to get under your affiliate
and you will most likely get rejected in 99% of the cases. The 1%
will generate crazy income, so the main focus should be: never
give up. Try several times, try different games, try all kinds of
different things, but never get disappointed. It'll help you.
Let's move on.

The Inner Circle (TIC)
TIC is a group of people, friends, who you know play PC games.
You share the website with them, and then talk them into
spreading the word about the website. It'll generate an income
both for you and them. The point of TIC is to share methods, share
work efforts and generate an income for both of you and your TIC
members. Managing your TIC is something of significant
importance, and it's up to you whether you'll work 1 on 1 with
each member of your TIC or you'll form a group of people working
together to accomplish goals.
My personal TIC is managed in a way that people don't know
about each other and I mostly support and work with 1 person in

The Small Fish (TSF)
TSF are gamers who actually do purchase games. They're not
people you target by-person, but people who get attracted in the
terms of massive advertisement either by your, your TBF or your
TIC. They're the people who spend, and the people who make
your income. Other than letting your TBF or TIC do the work of
gathering TSF, I will list my own personal methods of how I have
collected the majority of my TSF. Exciting!
Facebook is all about spamming. Create a new account (or hack a
used one, which is great as well) and simply start spamming the
link. Join gaming groups, join gaming pages and share your link on
every single thing that you can find. Example: you want to link
your affiliate link to Titanfall. Titanfall is a FPS gaming which will
be released in March and it's being published by EA games. Join
the fan pages of EA games, Titanfall or any EA games related game
page (e.g Mass Effect, Battlefield, SWTOR) and post it there as well
at least once per day.
Another thing you can do is contact Facebook page owners and
tell them about the method of earning, making them become
your TBF and auto-piloting the earning on that page as well. Just
search for random gaming pages, and basically anything above
10k members will result in at least $5 daily.
Trustpilot (I EARNED $100 FIRST WEEK HERE!)
Okay so you may or may not have heard about , It's
a website were you post things about companies, for example
check this link and look what he wrote.
Making posts on reddit can get you a lot of cookies as well. Let's
take for example Titanfall again, which is extremely popular right
now. Titanfall retail is €60 on Origin at the moment. G2a is offering
it for €32.99. That's almost 50% off! The players who're hyped
about Titanfall would surely love to get this information, as they'll
be saving such a great amount of money. You can head over to for example, and you'll see some of my
posts there. In 2 weeks of the link being up, I've made around
$1600 just from advertising this one game on reddit. G2a offers
links to certain products as affiliate links, so you won't have to linkpeople directly to the site, but rather link them to the product.
Most of the people who click it don't even know they're
registering under my affiliate link, and some are so delighted with
the prices that they've already bought several games, all under my
cookies. Browse the subreddits a bit and share your link on every
post/page you think it'd be worth.
You can also use other social media, but I've used only Youtube,
Reddit and Facebook. The audience is extremely populated here
and I'm quite sure there are inifinite possibilities and pages you
can advertise on.
1) Use an URL shortener like
2) When sending PMs to TBF don't sound like an
automated mass mailer. Use emotions, people love
3) I know it can be tiring and repetative, but never give up.
This is really easy cash. I didn't make a single cent the first
10 days I did this, and a month and a half later I'm making
$1500 a week minimum. The more I work, the more I earn!
4) Believe in what you're doing. If you believe in yourself
and in this method, you'll make money.
5) Never use your name in affiliate links. Make the links
attractive (see example of my link)


What makes something valuable?

Things people go through greater lengths to acquire, are more valuable. Whether it's money, time, or effort.

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How to Download & Install Xbox 360 Games & Play on Xbox (NO JTAG)

Check out G2A for all your gaming needs!

New exploit that works on all Xbox 360's and allows you to play downloaded games from the internet on a non-hacked xbox 360.
This is a break-through as this functionality has been long gone since Microsoft fixed it years ago.

* Xbox 360 Media-Transfer cable or USB drive. This tutorial shows you how to perform this by the transfer cable but the same steps apply similarly to a USB drive.
* Patience and time
* Advanced skills in technology
* An already installed Xbox 360 game on the xbox hard drive or USB drive


1. Download your preferred game from This game will be in ISO format.

2. Download this: Once downloaded, open up the program. For "Image Location", please select the ISO file that you downloaded earlier. For "Output Location", please select any location on your computer *Desktop recommended*. For "Padding Removal", please select "None" AND un-tick "Save rebuilt ISO Image?" Now choose "Add ISO" and let the process complete.

3. Now for this step, you must have already transferred any installed game on the xbox hard drive to the computer. Please search Google on how to do this. Note: A transfer cable will be required for this step.

4. Download this: Now browse to the downloaded game folder. Browse through it until you see LIKE a "FF01C9DB70A071546231" file in the "00007000" folder. Open HxD editor and open this file. You should now see a lot of 0's. This is good.
Now, go to the game folder that was transferred from the Xbox hard drive to the computer earlier on. Go through the same process as above until you find that long list of numbers and letters file. Open this file in HxD editor as well. From this new file, select and copy from line 00000000 to 00000240 and PASTE WRITE it in the FIRST file that was opened (should be as a tab in the top left).
Now, go the second file again. Copy from line 320 to 340 and PASTE WRITE it into the first file.
Now you may SAVE that FIRST file, but keep the second file open and HxD minimised.

5. Download Velocity from here: Open up the program. Transfer the saved HxD file from earlier into this program.
(Note: When I refer to the "first" file, it is the file for the game you downloaded. "Second" file refers to the game that was transferred from the xbox onto your PC)
In the new window, next to "Type" it should read "Installed Game". If not, you have gone wrong somewhere.
Now, click on "Metadata" and scroll down until you see "Device ID " and "Profile ID". It will contain 0's. What you want to do is open the "Second" file in this program, and copy and paste that "device ID" AND "Profile ID" from the second file into the first file. When you have done that, click on "Save Changes". Now click on "Rehash". This process will take around 10 minutes. When it has successfully rehashed, you may close out of that program.

6. Now download this: Open the program. Drag and drop the "first" file into Horizon. You will now get a little pop-up window.
*For this step, please plug in your Xbox HDD into your computer via transfer cable*
Click on "Save to Device" and select your Xbox Hard Drive. This step will take around 20 minutes. When that is done, it should say "Transfer is complete".

Now if you see "Device Explorer" to the right in Horizon, you should see the contents of your Xbox hard drive. Click on "Games" and you should now see your downloaded game from the internet on your xbox's hard drive. If it is not there, you have gone wrong somewhere.

7. You may now disconnect the transfer cable and reconnect the Xbox Hard Drive into the Xbox 360.

Boot into your Xbox. Sign into your profile. Navigate to the "Games" tab, and select "My Games". You should see your downloaded game there. Launch the game and enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for any modifications you attempt to your Xbox 360. This tutorial is for educational purposes only. You WILL get banned IF you go online, this guide is intended for offline purposes only. This is your choice and you follow this guide at your own risk.

If you enjoyed this post, please check out G2A!


The Magic of Recruiting

Everywhere we go, people are asking, sometimes begging, for help in their recruiting efforts.  Last week, I was on a flight sitting next to a manager from a major San Francisco based tech company who, despite having a team of recruiters helping him, apparently had no pipeline.  After hearing my top 5 tips, he spent the next 4 hours hunting for people and brainstorming on how he could connect with key prospects when we touched down in Chicago.  He learned that he needed to be intimately involved in the recruiting process if he wanted results, not sit on the sidelines playing a passive role.

Whether you are hiring in a large company packed with recruiting resources--Google, Apple and Facebook the exceptions--or in an early stage start up with no brand recognition, it’s very likely you are simply not seeing enough potential candidates, let alone ‘perfect’ candidates.

Many hiring managers want highly specific, crème de la crème talent but are trapped in a culture of old school recruiting—“post it and they will come”.  If I’m not mistaken, in our 6 years recruiting, only one individual crossed our radar and landed a job by applying for a job post.

Because resources and deadlines remain tight, landing someone who can hit the ground running and make a huge difference is what’s in demand.  Very few of those folks are looking at job postings, trust me.

Recruiting is changing radically, technology has made everyone identifiable, but in the end, it’s a highly time consuming, old school business of matchmaking and networking.  Add to that, the backdrop of ‘information overload’ that everyone is experiencing, and the 24/7 ‘always on’ mentality—it’s darn near impossible to get the attention of promising candidates.

While we know recruiting is changing, it’s quite unclear how it will all shake out.  Zappos recently announced they are forgoing the ‘spray and pray’ approach to job postings, opting for a social network approach cultivating a pool that wants to work for them.

Want to excel in your recruiting efforts?  Here’s five of our top recruiting tips:

Social, networks, personalization—it’s transforming ecommerce and it’s transforming recruiting.  Cultivating networks has never been more important.  And yes, it’s still wildly time consuming to chat with people, lunch and remain connected.

Pitch perfect—to get above the noise and fray, your message and medium are key.  Hint:  that means customized outreach, not Dear John notes, text messaging your closest connections and not relying on email.

Relentless hunting, and yes, we do mean hunting, whether that’s crawling through patent filings or keeping tabs on people, knowing who the players are, where they are and what they do makes all the difference.

Realism helps a great deal.  Knowing how you stack up from a company brand, market opportunity, structure and compensation perspective will bring sanity to your search.  If it’s a needle in a haystack search, odds are it will go unfilled.

Pulling out all the stops is key, that’s why leading execs like Mark Zuckerberg spend so much time and energy lending credibility to their recruiting process, why your first 30 seconds discussing a role is the most important moment in the process and why being creative on scope, compensation and reporting structure will go a long way to landing the top talent everyone wants.

Check out the The Pachera Group Blog.

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