Google Is Now Officially Social

Three days ago, Google went through a massive update that is going to drastically change the way we look at Searching the web.

If you have Gmail, you probably know about Google+. If not, its basically Google's attempts to get in on social networking and compete with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and other similar sites.

Google went through massive amounts of planning before they got Google+ to where it is today. They did all sorts of experiments like Google Buzz, Google Wave, and Circles before they finally released '+'. So, we know they have invested a massive amount of time and effort into this.

Google+ has been live for quite some time now, although it is still remarkably empty considering how Google is an internet authority. But, three days ago, Google made an update that is going to drag more and more people into their Google Plus.

They are calling it "Search, Plus Your World". Basically, when you search for things, like your favorite food, you can end up seeing related posts from your friends on Google Plus, or the people you are following on Plus.

They've laid it out like this:

  • Personal Results
  • Profiles in Search
  • People and Pages
If you are logged into Google, you will start seeing random things come up in your search. You will start seeing pictures show up in searches you make that were shared by people in your Google Plus. You will start seeing Google Plus pages show up for keywords like your favorite bands, celebrities, and more. Comments your friends make about local places could end up surfacing before the local places themselves.

This is a disaster for companies who have been striving to market their business / company / products online.

This is going to force big companies, celebrities, bands, artists, politicians, and more to start using Google Plus so that their pages or profiles show up on Google + user's searches for them.

The truth is, Google doesn't care about you. Google couldn't care less about webmasters, bloggers, or companies. All Google cares about is a positive user experience.

Official Google Blog: Search, plus Your World: Search, plus Your World

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