SOPA - Defeated! or Meant to be Defeated?

Congress just 'shelved' their Stop Online Piracy Act, which is cause for great rejoicing for avid internet users. The obscene bill had gotten so much opposition, the White House finally voiced its disapproval. Yes, Obama finally succumbed to the pressure.

But could congress really believe they could pass a bill that could land hundreds and hundreds of YouTubers in five year sentences for videotaping and posting their Karaoke attempts?

Possibly my favorite Tweet ever:

Under SOPA, you could get 5 years for uploading a Michael Jackson song, one year more than the doctor who killed him.

But, some people are saying SOPA is just a ploy to get PIPA passed. "PIPA" is the more reasonable version of SOPA, at least, it seems that way. It still jeopardizes freedom and works very similarly to SOPA. For some people, the PIPA bill would actually be a lot worse than SOPA.

For more info on both of these Bills, why not check out Craigslist, which opposes them both.

Was congresses's real goal for SOPA to simply make PIPA look more tame?

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