ChaCha Affiliate Program Review - How to Make Money & Payment Proof

UPDATE: All the sudden I was randomly banned or deleted from ChaCha for no apparent reason. At this time, I have to advise you to use ChaCha at your own risk. I would suggest that you learn about this awesome network instead!

Almost every young adult I know has heard of ChaCha. ChaCha has been around for a while. About a year ago it seemed like everyone was texting questions to 242-242 (or cha cha). It was like an instant Yahoo answers built specifically for cell phones. You could get relevant answers to your questions, funny jokes, movie recommendations, and they could answer your awkward questions when you were around a computer to Google it. The company answers over 2 million text message questions daily*.

But they are constantly evolving. Their website has shown the most progress over the years. They now have questions, galleries, and quizzes. They are no longer the human search engine they used to be. Backed by venture capitalists who love throwing money at them, ChaCha will never die.

The most recent development they have made is the ChaCha Affiliate Program. Unlike most affiliate programs where the goal is to sell somebody something or to get them to submit their information in a CPA form, ChaCha's Affiliates pays per view. So every time somebody clicks your link, you get a little bit of money.

The program is completely built around Twitter. They have Twitter Handles built into their partners back end so a publisher can simply click 'post to twitter' and a message with their affiliate link can be automatically submitted to their Twitter account(s).

But promoting on Twitter isn't mandatory. However, I definitely suggest it. Social Media (which means Facebook, Twitter, etc) is what ChaCha is really after, but posting links on your blogs are supported as well. Quote from their site:

If you’re looking to earn money from your influence on the web, then you’ve come to the right place! ChaCha provides the number one way to share high quality content while turning your reach into revenue! We pay you on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis, so when you post a link (to a fun ChaCha quiz or gallery) on your website, blog, Facebook account, Twitter feed, etc. you get paid for every person that clicks that link. The more visitors you have, the more money you make!

Getting approved

It shouldn't take more than a day. If you get lucky, it could be this fast:

What does the back end of their site look like (what do the affiliates see when they log in)?

This is also a good shot of the max payouts they offer. These are some of the top paying offers they give out. ChaCha isn't interested in international clicks as you can see, so its best to try to target USA visitors.

Want an example offer? Click the hyperlink to see an offer Common Mistakes Runners Make

They have two main types of offers. The first are quizzes which can be "Do You Recognize These Car Company Logos?" or "How High Is Your Alcohol Tolerance?". Then they have the Galleries and 'fact lists'. Such offers read: "Common Mistakes Runners Make" and "Facts About Olive Oil" and "Celebrity Year Book Photos".

These offers are perfect for several reasons.

  1. The first and most important, these aren't your normal affiliate offers. They don't look like a scam, because they aren't. Your viewers, followers, readers, etc won't be turned away by their links and pages. There is often a popup after clicking through several pages, but besides that, no information is required and the content is genuinely interesting!
  2. The content is perfectly targeted towards human interest and popular happenings. During the Olympic trials and now the Olympics they came out with several Olympic offers. They've got all the 'pop culture' news and gossip as well as genuinely interesting facts about relationships, arts, and lifestyle.
  3. Its so good, that your followers/friends will actually want more.

 Here's an exclusive video "ChaCha Affiliate Introduction"


Who is using ChaCha that you might already know? Here are some popular Twitter users:

What are you waiting for? Make sure you Sign Up for the ChaCha Affiliates Program Now!

If you have any questions leave a comment. If you sign up with my affiliate link above, tell me. For any affiliates I can help you make a killing.

I almost forgot, for you people who are always scared you won't get paid:

12 responses to ChaCha Affiliate Program Review - How to Make Money & Payment Proof

  1. Margielynn says:

    Hi,I Have been an affiliate since March and I have only made $485. I work really hard and make very little. Any help you could give would be appreciated. Thanks/

  2. adamant376 says:

    Whenever someone i follow on Twitter posts a ChaCha link I immediately unfollow them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    chacha affiliate not approve my account . If possible kindly send me 1approve id under ur affiliate link and send here

  4. i wanna try this one instead of having a site with low traffic.

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