DynaDealz.com - Sign Up Here & Start Making Money!

What is DynaDealz?

Come join me at DynaDealz.com, the all new Daily Deals program that is very similar to popular sites like Groupon or Living social, which I'm sure you've heard of by now. But here's the catch, DynaDealz isn't fully open just yet, and they are paying you to get people to sign up. Even better, is that signing up for DynaDealz is 100% free! They don't even require a credit card! Your first step is to sign up at http://RegisterNow.dynadealz.com/

How do I make money?

They have over one million dollars set aside just to pay affiliates like you and me to get our friends, family, business partners, contacts, and acquaintances to sign up. Anyone can do this, its extremely easy and takes almost no time on your part. Once you've signed up, you just grab your special link which will be www."your-signup-name".dynadealz.com (that they provide for you automatically) and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites, email the link to your friends, post it on your website, or any other way of promotion that you know about.

Every time someone signs up under you, you will get $5. For every 5 friends you tell, you will get a $25 Amex Gift Card. They also run different promotions all the time for their affiliates. They will usually shoot you an email with any updates. But free signups isn't the only way to earn with DynaDealz! But you'll learn more about earning free commissions after you sign up!

They offer free support to all their affiliates with a live phone number and emails. They also offer 24/7 webinars which you can replay or listen into if you have any additional questions.

Their Mission Statement reads as follows:
Dynadealz is the premiere direct selling daily deal company. We help local businesses grow revenue through our direct seller network. Our consultants are all local people who have personal relations with businesses and have massive social networks to refer deals and promote local businesses.

Here is an extremely helpful video they've released that can tell you even more information. Once you have signed up, they also have a video Webinar recording that will become available to you.

Finally, if you tell a business owner about DynaDealz, and he or she decides they want Dyna to run an offer for their business... You get 10% of the revenue generated! That's a huge amount! For more information, just watch part of the Webinars that they are constantly running.

If you aren't registered yet, sign up NOW http://RegisterNow.dynadealz.com/

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