Get Unlimited Free 48 Hour Xbox Live Codes

This has been circulated everywhere. People are selling Xbox Live 48 Hour Codes all over the internet. Forums, B/S/T sites, eBay, and more. There's really no reason to get tricked into paying for these when the sellers are getting them for free anyway. Not that I personally support this... at all. Although the reason my Xbox has always collected dust is because I've never felt like paying for Xbox Live Gold subscription. For not-so hardcore gamers like myself, its just not worth it to pay monthly, just so I can get my butt whooped by Halo addicted 12 year olds.

**Update** The method below might still work, but I've had the most amount of success getting free points here! You can sign up, and earn free microsoft points. Sign up here:

This is how you can get unlimited 48hours for your Xbox 360.

  1. You're going to have to Change your Local to Japan
  2. Then Join Xbox LIVE
  3. Enter a email and password ( (has to be@jp)
  4. Click learn more
  5. Click no thanks
  6. Click and download the app I download ( watch the video )
  7. The first line is your 48 hour(Note: the second code on the bottom is a useless code) 

This is the video (not my video)

I've never actually done this, but apparently it works.

A similar method... I just copy and pasted this from a forum.

Okay this tutorial is how to get unlimited 48 Hour Trials for Xbox 360. Step 1. Go To System Settings, then select Console Settings, then Language and Locale. Now select Locale. After you select Locale change your Current Setting to Japan. Now sign out and create a new profile, name it, select avatar then choose Join Xbox Live. Now you can either type in a fake email or a real email. it doesn't matter. (I'l be using Now select a secret question and type in anything you want. After you type in your secret password you will need to use a alternate email address. again you can use a fake one or a real one. it doesn't matter. Continue everything and accept the ToS and create your account. After its created it should ask you if you want Xbox live. select no thanks and it should take you to the dashboard. Right Bumper over to Games and wait until you see "Monster Hunter Frontier 4". Click on it and it should show the cover, click on it again and it and download it. After it's downloaded play it. it should go to the title. press start. now this is we're you should a red bar above a girl that should say Click. click on it and the top code should say XboxLive 48 and will show the code. You can do this as many times as you want, the only thing is you have to create a new account everytime for a new code. Also I haven't heard of anyone getting banned from doing this. I've done it around 10 or so times and nothing has happens. Sorry for the LQ thread, I'm on my phone. Here's a day two code. (X96FB-K98H8-K2VQY-9HF73-T6MPQ)
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