Michael Phelps Headphones - London 2012 Olympics

It has been hard to miss his new headphones. The first day of the Olympics they looked cool, but on the second day of racing everyone had to do a double take. I was trying to remember what their color had been the first day. On the third day there was no doubt that he either had multiple pairs of headphones that he was interchanging OR he was somehow changing the color. I was also wondering if his Beats by Dr. Dre were every going to show up again (what he was wearing in Beijing).

Well, the latter was correct after I searched up "SOL" which is the brand name appearing on the earpieces. (Until now I had never heard of SOL which stands for Sol Republic which stands for Soundtrack of Life.) The earpieces are actually removable from the headset. Actually, everything comes apart including the cord. This is apparently because the company (SOL) was trying to solve complaints about headphones breaking. They figured by making all the parts detachable and easily removable they could solve this and additionally make things easier to replace.

Michael Phelps has been changing out his head band each day.

Here's a great preview video from late 2011:


 They've since added many more colors. List of all the headbands.

I'm really liking Michael Phelps fashion choices for the London Olympics.

The official website... http://www.solrepublic.com/headphones

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