Free Viral CPA Scrips - Facebook Lock, Xbox Live, and more

Create your own PPD/CPA sites with these Viral Scripts

Merry Christmas! A little present for anyone looking to make their own Pay Per Download, CPA offer, or viral website. This is a little zip file contains the HTML files, CSS, images, etc for your own site. Simply modify the sites a little bit and you can get your own unique look. Sites like this can generate several hundred dollars in revenue if they are marketed correctly.

Dropbox - Download Link Click Here

Some of the scripts in the package:

Facebook Share Script

This is a common type of script. You can probably find something very similar on download sites if you searched for it. Its a four step process that eventually leads to a survey or to whatever destination you want.


Very General Download Site Template

This is a very nice download page. You can configure it however you like. The screenshot has a content locking gateway over the download mirror links.

Free Roit Codes

Riot Codes are a new niche for League of Legends that you should get into if you aren't already. There's also a Xbox Live template, a V2 of the Riot codes, and more!

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