How I got 13,338 Page Views in Two Days

If you look at the last few posts this blog's made, you'll notice a Michael Phelps Headphones post. This post was written during the London 2012 Olympics. Michael Phelps was obviously a huge star at these games and a huge media focal point. He was getting all sorts of attention, and was arguably the most famous athlete at the games as well as the 2008 games.

Anyway, Michael used to wear Beats by Dr Dre headphones. He would walk out into the swimming pool as they are announcing the names and the events, and have those beats over his cap and goggles. Everyone watching TV noticed his headphones. That was back in 2008...

In 2012 Michael showed up to the blocks of his first race with these new headphones I had never seen before. They were SOL, and if I'd never seen them before, I figured that most people wouldn't have either.

So what did I do? I went to Google, obviously. However, when I google'd "Michael Phelps Headphones" I got a bunch of results for his old headphones. Not what I wanted. Not what all the other fans wanted. I didn't even know what these headphones were called, and I had to rewind the cable box to get another look and find the brand. After googling SOL, I found out what he was really wearing, etc.

However, I had failed to find what I wanted to know on Google, and my question was related to an event that hundreds of thousands of people were watching... The Olympic Swimming events were lasting all week. This sparked an idea. I quickly wrote out all the info I knew about SOL, found a picture of Michael sporting his new headphones, and posted it on this blog. My post got indexed in Google fairly quickly, before the next night of competition. That morning, before the days swimming event, I was getting a trickle of views. However, later on that night during the prime-time swimming competition, my blog exploded with views. That night and the following night, my post got over 13,338 Page Views. You can see the huge spike in visitors during the event and right afterwards.

Do you want page views? Do you want traffic? Do you want to pick up some new readers for your blog? What I've learned:

Write about something no one else has written about, and be the first to publish.

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