Cheat the PayPal Purchase System - Get Free Stuff!

Everyone knows the TamperData Firefox PayPal hack, but this is another good one.

CopyPaste from a forum:

Hey guys I recently found out a way to purchase stuff without paying for it! Ok guys please give me a thanks!, I have not told anyone else yet and want to keep it within the community! Remember this only works for some sites, it will most likely not work for shops or larger sites!
Alright here are the instructions:
1) Create a dummy paypal account and verify a bank card/ account onto it that has no money! Remember this is very important or else they will actually charge you! (This was no problem for me because I am poor)
2) Once the account is verified go to a site that has a paypal purchase or donation required to download or use something. The one I got for free was it requires a small donation to use their plug-in. So go there and install it. Now they will ask you to make a donation to recieve their verification code to use it.

3) Go to their PayPal page and login with your dummy PayPal account. Accept the purcahase and Confirm it select to pay with your bank account THAT HAS NO MONEY, this is very important. It will finish and say the money will be sent in 4-6 days.
5) Some sites accept this as a payment and let you download their product, OR, send you am email with the information. Either works and you will get the thing you "paid" for. If not this means the site is smart enough to send your stuff after the payment is recieved. Some not as the example given for this post.
6) Enjoy your product for absolutely no cost!

I haven't (and won't) be trying it, but it was an interesting read and worth posting if someone finds it useful.

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