Social Engineer your School teachers- never get in trouble!

Direct Copy and Pasta... Enjoy. Credit goes to Anonymous. 

SE your School teachers to never get in trouble and get out of things!
This is a quick tutorial on how to SE your teachers. This SE will not guarantee you better grades and shit.
Step 1
Greet your teachers. Now don't be a decent nerd and say good morning and shit. Say something like what's up, how are you, howz it going, you look happy today or say wats up and do a hand shake.
What this does is that teachers get to know you, they feel like they are your friend etc.
Step 2
On Mondays try asking your teachers how was their weekend but not everyweek. Also on Fridays say bye and enjoy your weekend by this you are being kind and polite. From this you would have their respect.
Now what I do is that from this my teachers give me heads up and when we have an exam/test then I go to their table pretending that I'm talking to him but look at the questions/answers.
Step 3
If you get caught talking then the first time say it wasn't your fault. Then what they do is they will keep their eye on you and you would obviously talk again so the second time you get caught say Ok, I'm listening now. Also try to copy all the work on your chalk board/smart board.
Step 4
If possible try to act like you are doing your work, also get to class before the bell or maximum 3 mins late. Don't leave the class before the bell.
Step 5
Normally some teachers give out worksheets and homework to quickly so I normally finish all my homework at school by ignoring their dumbass lecture. Try to get all your homework done even late is ok cuz then they think you are trying hard.
Step 6
If you get bad grades in tests, projects or homeworks don't worry about it. Late they will feel bad/pity for you and try to help in tests etc. What my teachers do is they go around me and sometimes tell me if my answer is wrong. This gives me another chance to get a better grade.
Step 7
If you are going to lie to them then make sure you have a valid proof plus if you get caught walking around by a teacher say you are looking for a teacher or bathroom. Because they will think that you a good student so if you are looking for a teacher then that's probably true or the bathroom excuse never expires.
Optional: Step 8
If you are a good student and you are failing then you can ask them for more work to boost up your grades and since they care about you and know you they won't dump work on you. They will give you less work and in most of the stuff say you don't know/understand so they will answer it for you which will save you time and you won't need to answer them. When they are talking to you look in their eyes or say mhm, ok or yeah.

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