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There comes a time when your computer starts to slow down, and you need to just erase everything and re-boot. But what a pain, to have to use those backup disks you made years ago, and then get Windows Vista. Or maybe you're going to have to install a basic version of Windows 7 and you want premium. Most likely, you've lost those stupid install disks anyways and you're searching around your house in vain.

Well, there's a nice solution for this. When you're re-installing windows on a computer, you usually have to activate it with a key etc... Or Windows will shut your access off after a while. Or there are tons of those annoying popups that say "Windows could potentially be pirated, please submit your activation Key online so we can verify it". There's a nice workaround that can remove the files that Windows uses to 'activate' itself. To make it even easier on you, there's a program that can do this with the click of a button. Literally, you click one button and it will activate Windows 7 for you, completely free. And not just the basic Windows 7 packages, when you remove wat you will be able to use any form of 7 package (ultimate, etc).

I did this on an old Windows Vista computer the other day. I was given a laptop, it was filled with junk, and I wanted it all off. It took 20 minutes to install windows and then with one click I used Wat Remover and it was activated.

WatRemover is a small piece of software that activates your computer. Its currently the only activation hack out there that still works (as far as I know). About a year ago, I had several different types of cracks, but all of them eventually failed. WAT Remover is the only one that still works for me no matter what. Its also probably the safest. WAT means Windows Activation Technology. The point of Window's activation technology is to prevent the illegal copies (that some folks)install on their computer. Its just a fancy form of piracy protection for Microsoft Windows 7.

Don't trust just any random website you find. I've downloaded RemoveWAT (2.2.5) from other websites, and it has either been a virus or it hasn't worked. If you're interested in downloading, this is what it looks like, here's a screenshot of the program running on my computer as I'm writing this post!

A really nice feature is that you can even update Windows 7, and then run watremover.exe again, and it will re-activate it, even after an update!

Anyways, if this is what you're looking for, you can get it for free here.

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  1. anuraj says:

    hello nathan.... this is anuj here. Could you please tell me that from which site I can download this remove wat tool since I have searched a lot on google but there is only the links given and when i actually try to download the file then some other software gets downloaded to my system.
    You please help me out of this problem. My mail id is anuj.srst@hotmail.com

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