How is it possible that no girl was ever interested in Elliot Rodger?

Okay, Elliot Rodger's YouTube Channel videos give some insight into his mental condition. He was clearly narcissistic and completely obsessed with getting the girl - this is the theme that all his videos are centered around. However, from what I've seen, he has not elaborated on why girls don't like him, just that they don't. And, he has not given any details on attempts he had made towards them. Without knowing how he went about interacting with women, it is tough to say why he failed so badly. Why did he? What I do know, is that something must have been wildly off.

Rodger claimed that he had no phone numbers of ANY girls his age? How is that even possible? Now look, the guy drives a nice BMW. He has nice clothes and dresses well from what he claims and from what you can view in his videos. His actual physical features are at least average although this should differ from person to person... in some people's eyes he is surely above average.  Okay, yes, he is egotistical sounding in his videos, calling himself magnificent. But, since when are lots of young women not attracted to guys like this? The real question I am pondering is: How is it possible that no girl was ever interested in Elliot Rodger? How is it possible that he didn't even have a woman's phone number his age?

Hopefully in the next week we'll find out some more information as to why he was ignored by Santa Barbara's entire female community. It certainly does not all add up. Could one woman showing him interest have spared the lives of those he massacred?

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