How to Download & Install Xbox 360 Games & Play on Xbox (NO JTAG)

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New exploit that works on all Xbox 360's and allows you to play downloaded games from the internet on a non-hacked xbox 360.
This is a break-through as this functionality has been long gone since Microsoft fixed it years ago.

* Xbox 360 Media-Transfer cable or USB drive. This tutorial shows you how to perform this by the transfer cable but the same steps apply similarly to a USB drive.
* Patience and time
* Advanced skills in technology
* An already installed Xbox 360 game on the xbox hard drive or USB drive


1. Download your preferred game from This game will be in ISO format.

2. Download this: Once downloaded, open up the program. For "Image Location", please select the ISO file that you downloaded earlier. For "Output Location", please select any location on your computer *Desktop recommended*. For "Padding Removal", please select "None" AND un-tick "Save rebuilt ISO Image?" Now choose "Add ISO" and let the process complete.

3. Now for this step, you must have already transferred any installed game on the xbox hard drive to the computer. Please search Google on how to do this. Note: A transfer cable will be required for this step.

4. Download this: Now browse to the downloaded game folder. Browse through it until you see LIKE a "FF01C9DB70A071546231" file in the "00007000" folder. Open HxD editor and open this file. You should now see a lot of 0's. This is good.
Now, go to the game folder that was transferred from the Xbox hard drive to the computer earlier on. Go through the same process as above until you find that long list of numbers and letters file. Open this file in HxD editor as well. From this new file, select and copy from line 00000000 to 00000240 and PASTE WRITE it in the FIRST file that was opened (should be as a tab in the top left).
Now, go the second file again. Copy from line 320 to 340 and PASTE WRITE it into the first file.
Now you may SAVE that FIRST file, but keep the second file open and HxD minimised.

5. Download Velocity from here: Open up the program. Transfer the saved HxD file from earlier into this program.
(Note: When I refer to the "first" file, it is the file for the game you downloaded. "Second" file refers to the game that was transferred from the xbox onto your PC)
In the new window, next to "Type" it should read "Installed Game". If not, you have gone wrong somewhere.
Now, click on "Metadata" and scroll down until you see "Device ID " and "Profile ID". It will contain 0's. What you want to do is open the "Second" file in this program, and copy and paste that "device ID" AND "Profile ID" from the second file into the first file. When you have done that, click on "Save Changes". Now click on "Rehash". This process will take around 10 minutes. When it has successfully rehashed, you may close out of that program.

6. Now download this: Open the program. Drag and drop the "first" file into Horizon. You will now get a little pop-up window.
*For this step, please plug in your Xbox HDD into your computer via transfer cable*
Click on "Save to Device" and select your Xbox Hard Drive. This step will take around 20 minutes. When that is done, it should say "Transfer is complete".

Now if you see "Device Explorer" to the right in Horizon, you should see the contents of your Xbox hard drive. Click on "Games" and you should now see your downloaded game from the internet on your xbox's hard drive. If it is not there, you have gone wrong somewhere.

7. You may now disconnect the transfer cable and reconnect the Xbox Hard Drive into the Xbox 360.

Boot into your Xbox. Sign into your profile. Navigate to the "Games" tab, and select "My Games". You should see your downloaded game there. Launch the game and enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for any modifications you attempt to your Xbox 360. This tutorial is for educational purposes only. You WILL get banned IF you go online, this guide is intended for offline purposes only. This is your choice and you follow this guide at your own risk.

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16 responses to How to Download & Install Xbox 360 Games & Play on Xbox (NO JTAG)

  1. The game thats already on the hdd does it have to be a game on demand game

  2. Unknown says:

    yea think so bro :)

  3. N2KMaster says:

    From this new file, select and copy from line 00000000 to 00000240 and PASTE WRITE it in the FIRST file that was opened (should be as a tab in the top left).

    What the F*** does that even mean?

  4. hey can you make a video off it please, because I really got lost in some parts.
    and can I do this in a Usb???? because i dont have a hardrive.
    Sorry for the bad english

  5. Amir Milad says:

    I understood everything, I tried but not working.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I got stuck at point number 5
    I can't even Transfer the saved HxD file from earlier into vector
    It's keep promt error invalid svod

  7. @lmadobe says:

    Guyz im going to make a video on wht u need to do, but i need to permission plz!

  8. fati Har says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  9. fati Har says:

    I hope this tutorial is going to actually work, i was trying billion of other methods to download paid xbox games for free, of course non of them are working, unless if u have a JTAGGED xbox or a RGH xbox, i undertstood everything in the tutorial, am waithing for the LEGO: STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS to download, it will take over 1 day to download, because its 6 GB, and making of this TUTO a vid will be helpful, some of the steps are pretty hard to understood...

  10. Blogger says:

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  11. Unknown says:

    I did every step, when I go to play the game it says the file is corrupted.

  12. Bastof says:

    I did every step, when I go to play the game it still asks for the CD to be insrted...

  13. ben says:

    i have a game on a usb from horizon and my xbox 360 or saying corrupted

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