Website Development in Waynesville North Carolina

Who doesn't love a beautiful website? To make it in today's digital age, everyone needs a website -- not just companies! Your name is your online brand and you need to protect it. I'm from Waynesville, NC and I've been doing website development and digital marketing for years now. Many web developers are 'remote' meaning that they won't ever see you in-person. Sure, they might call you over the phone, but good luck explaining exactly what you need. In some cases, you might not even understand them. And then there are the big agencies. They may be local, but they have thousands of clients. They may 'assign' an account manager to you, but you're just a number in their system. That's one of the reasons why I provide independent web design and marketing services. I took over an IT company called Broadstone Services and have been independently working ever since. I'm not completely alone -- I've developed a network of connections and contract workers that I hire for different jobs. I can manage on my own, but for quicker turnaround times I contract out certain jobs to other professionals that I have grown to trust over numerous years of working together. I work with the intent to provide the best services I can to the local business owner and the local professional. Why should you hire me (and my company) for web design in Waynesville, N.C.?

There are an awful lot of skills that go into the term 'web design.' Its a multidisciplinary job! Web designers need to have design skills because websites need to be aesthetically pleasing. Web developers need to be skilled programmers as well. Add additional functionalities that come on top of a content management system are hard coded by the developer. But marketing is also essential for website design. A website should be designed with marketing in mind AND a website should be optimized (from the tech side of things) not just for user experience, but for search engines and spiders and bots. The marketing side of things also encompasses email marketing and pay per click advertising.

Wait, there is more.

Your site should be optimized for an audience. This means that market research is required for designing the site. Don't forget that each page may need to have a specific purpose. Some pages need to be 'landing pages,' some pages need 'call-to-actions,' there are front-end and back-end pages, and there are any number of customized options in-between. Your site should be live 24/7 so we manage our own private servers to host your site. We take care of domain renewal, of course.

Want more?

We understand that your website isn't just a 'website,' its your digital identity. Your online presence. You have a digital reputation as well. We take care of that too. I specialize in online presence management. What does that mean? Well, online presence encompasses everything I've mentioned and more. Your online presence is everything about you that shows up online. Your Google results, your name, your company, your past and present jobs, your website, your social media accounts, what you post on social media, your online reviews, and much much more.

Still don't believe that a lot goes into web design or that we aren't qualified?

People seem to love buzz words, here are some more things you might have heard. Squeeze pages! Schema markup! Meta data! Wordpress? Enfold customization. Responsive websites. The list goes on and on, and we've heard it all because we know it all. You can read more about the solutions we offer.

The digital marketing world might be vast, but I've been immersed in it for almost a decade... not to mention my contract staff.

I'm qualified, with undergraduate degree in computer science and 8 years of internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and website design. I still enjoy learning new programming languages. Right now I'm super into CasperJS.

I'm also willing to be affordable. I know that small businesses can't afford the same premium package that our largest clients can. Either way, we can provide the services.

Just want a personal portfolio website? We can do that too.

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