Explain what the heck this blog is about

Several people have stumbled upon this blog recently and asked, "Nathan, is that your website?"

The answer is yes... I've always enjoyed playing around with websites. I registered this blogspot domain because it was the exact match for my first and last name. But, when I was 14 years old, I wasn't very interested in actually blogging about myself. I was interested in playing around on Google to see if I could rank for terms. Back then most people believed it was much harder to rank for keywords if your website didn't have any of the keywords in the URL. So, theoretically it would have been hard to rank this website for terms other than / unrelated to "nathan lile." I didn't believe this, of course.

So, that's a short explanation for why there are such absolutely random topics on here. Some of them are just copy and pastes from other websites. Mostly, just fun and games. I'm probably not going to write anything of much value on here as I'm not interested in blogging and have better things to do. Nevertheless, this post is for all you people who randomly show up here and want to know whats up.

Inb4 Nathan, you're so conceited. 

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